family photo tips - family of photographers

Family Photo Tips

A few years ago if you wanted to take a good family photo, you would have to hire a professional photographer. Many people still do it, but there are those who prefer to buy their own DSLR camera and try to take professional photos. Often, those who just begin to study photography and take the first family photos, are disappointed with the results. That is why we have prepared for […]

perfect pictures of food - ice cream

How to Take Perfect Pictures of Food

Good pictures of food are capable of doing a lot. They can make the viewer hungry, they can convince the visitor to buy a restaurant dish and they are able to sell many cookbooks. But the ability to tabe good photos of food requires special knowledge about what works best and what looks terrible. We would like to provide you with a few guidelines that are useful when you take […]


How to Take Photos of Animals

To take professional-looking photos of animals, you do not necessarily have to have professional equipment - the most important elements are endurance and patience. Nevertheless, it may be difficult to achieve outstanding results. Even pets often behave unpredictably, and they can not be easily monitored - and if you manage to cmake them sit quietly they will look depressed and tense. Pictures of animals carry a charge of positive emotions. […]

Beautiful Model on a Wonderful Photography

Model Photography Poses

Model photography is a category of photography in which the topics, usually women, are represented in an image. The topic may be fully dressed or semi-nude in a glamourour outfit. Model photography is generally a consisting image of a topic in a still position. The topics of “model” photography are often professional models, and the pictures are normally designed for professional use, such as mass-produced picture , pinups image, but […]

Lovely Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography Tips

newborn photography – Nothing as cute and innocent like newborn baby. Just imagine about their first cries, isn’t it very amazing? As a photographer when i see them there just one thing in my mind. I must photograph them in a newborn photography. An adorable sleeping baby that would look cute and lovely in a picture. But you have to prepare all you need before you capture these newborn photography. […]

Cityscape Night Photography Ideas Taken with Wide Lens

Night Photography Ideas Techniques

night photography ideas – After the sunset, world is modified into a beauty canvas with many colors that we do not able to see during the day time, and the task of catching these has motivated photographers to catch this moment. To most individuals it may seem insane, but photography lovers know why we do it, to catch the world as we hardly ever get to see it. There is […]

Lovely Outdoor Family Photography

Outdoor Photography Techniques

outdoor photography involves a whole variety of styles, like: landscape, wild life, macro, etc. Thus can be the perfect opportunity to try new techniques and arrangements that are outside your conventional comfortable area. The key here is planning, because once you are out in crazy it can be a long travel from home if you have forget something. Whatever you are going outside to catch, here are a few things […]

Prom Photography With Colourful Props

Prom Photography Tips

prom photography – Prom night is the biggest night of the year for a high school students. They will always remember the night in their whole life and the only proof is their photograph.This is a hard task to a photographer, because no matter how amazing the night is, it will be useless if the photos are bad. As a photographer i have some prom photography tips to you in […]

Drunk Old Man People Photography

People Photography Tips

People photography or portrait is defined as, “personality of a person, display by the face.” The major subject of these photography are human being. That is why people photography also known as human interest. The different types of portraits are: close-ups, upper body shots or environmental portraits. CLOSE-UP PORTRAITS These usually have the model’s shoulder area and head or less. They are designed around the face. These are the most […]

House Photography With Tilt Shift Techniques

Tilt Shift Photography Tips

Tilt shift photography is a method of photography that uses Tilt shift lenses to get over the limitations of detail of area and viewpoint that normal lenses provide. A Tilt shift lens allows for the spinning of lens against the picture (tilt), as well as the activity of lens along the picture (shift). By implementing Scheimpflug concept, tilt shift photography is able to obtain a very superficial detail of area […]

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